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Healing a Nation

So how do we heal a nation and make its people prosperous so we can all be free to be ourselves? Through knowledge. 

We all need a lesson on the human psyche. We need to understand how our own psyche is developed and it works. We have to start teaching this everywhere to everyone. We have to teach it in the education system to teachers, staff, students and parents. We have to teach it in the judicial system to judges, attorneys, prosecutors, police officers, to prison guards and inmates.

Educating a nation on how you cure evil, on how you really stop bad things from happening, will take decades. But imagine what America will look like when we all feel good about ourselves and others. Having a far more emotionally intelligent society will shrink the gap between the rich and the poor. It will lower crime rates and divorce rates, meaning stronger families. It would all around make America a safer and better place to live.

Mother Earth
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