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Authenticity is a cornerstone of a happy, healthy, prosperous life. So, what is authenticity?


It's being true to oneself regardless of others judgements. It means being honest with yourself and others about who you are and what you want from life. 

To truly be an authentic person we need integrity, honesty, and genuineness.

True authenticity takes great courage and can even bring suffering. It requires total honesty with ourselves about who we are and determination to act on what we know is the best decision for our own life, regardless of what our loved ones or society believes. 

But authenticity is not about doing whatever you want no matter what anyone says - that's being an asshole.

Authenticity is about setting an intention to always do the right thing. It's about serving something greater than yourself. 

Sometimes, to truly be authentic we have to separate ourselves from situations or people we love. But in the long run, your courage to be your true authentic self will lead you to others who fully accept you for who you are and it will empower others to be their true authentic selves.

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