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Consciousness refers to an individual's subjective experience and awareness of their thoughts, emotions, sensations, and environment. It has long been considered one of the central mysteries in the field of psychology and neuroscience but through the study of near death experiences and other strange phenomenon's, humanity has made great strides in uncovering the secrets of consciousness.  


The concept of the soul has long been culturally and philosophically dependent and can have different interpretations across time and place. In some belief systems, the soul is considered an immortal and spiritual essence that transcends physical existence and endures after death. In others, the soul is seen as a metaphor for the inner self or the seat of emotions and personality. It can be argued that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the soul but there is certainly proof that the soul exists. 

Consciousness and the soul, if not the same, exist together and they exist infinitely, before and after physical life, with out the need of the brain or body to be their vessel. 

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