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Everything is energy, either positive (protons), negative(electrons) or neutral (neutrons). Everything! 


Energy is the source of everything and it is everywhere. It's in the air all around us and all of this energy is connected. 


All matter is comprised of energy. You are energy and matter. 


Your thoughts create a measure of energy, your words another measure of energy, and your actions another. Everything created or done by man was first created by the mind or consciousness. Humans manipulate energy to manifest what is in the mind. The point is, your thoughts matter.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms.  

With awareness and practice you can manipulate your own energy. You can even feel the energy in your body vibrate. 


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Additional Resources to Help You Learn About Energy

Nikola Tesla  is often hailed as one of the greatest inventors and visionaries of the modern age. Tesla delved into the secrets of the universe, unveiling profound insights into the interplay of energy, frequency, and vibration. His groundbreaking discoveries made remarkable contributions to the fields of electricity and magnetism and laid the foundation for numerous technological advancements that shape our lives today. Tesla's discoveries revolutionized our understanding of the fundamental forces that govern our existence.

Tesla recognized that everything in the universe, from the smallest particles to the vast cosmic entities, is interconnected through energy. He comprehended that energy is not confined to physical matter alone but permeates through space, shaping the fabric of reality itself. By exploring the intricate relationship between energy, frequency, and vibration, Tesla unveiled the underlying principles that govern the workings of the universe.

One of Tesla's notable contributions was his understanding of electrical resonance and harmonic frequencies. He realized that each object, whether living or inanimate, possesses a unique resonant frequency at which it vibrates harmoniously. Through his experiments with electrical circuits, Tesla demonstrated that by applying specific frequencies, one could induce resonance and amplify the energy of a system. This revelation opened up new possibilities for the efficient transmission and utilization of energy.

Tesla's exploration of electromagnetic waves further expanded our knowledge of the universe's secrets. He conducted groundbreaking experiments with high-frequency currents and wireless transmission, unraveling the interconnectedness of energy and vibration. Tesla's inventions, such as the Tesla coil, enabled the generation and transmission of electromagnetic waves, leading to the development of wireless communication systems that connect the world today.

Moreover, Tesla postulated that energy, frequency, and vibration were not only integral to our physical reality but also had implications for the spiritual and metaphysical realms. He believed that understanding and harnessing these forces could unlock profound spiritual and cosmic truths, transcending the boundaries of conventional science.

Tesla's discoveries about the secrets of the universe, concerning energy, frequency, and vibration, continue to shape our understanding of the world around us. His profound insights and inventions laid the groundwork for the technologies we rely on today while simultaneously igniting the imagination of future generations. Tesla's enduring legacy serves as a reminder of the vast potential hidden within the mysteries of energy and the universe, urging us to explore and uncover its hidden truths.

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