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"And make no mistake, relationships are the single most important thing to you and your life. It's the source of all of your best memories. It's the source of all of your worst memories. When you think back on your life and you're 95, a hundred years old, and you look back over the course of your lifetime, you're not gonna think, "I wish I owned a better phone, I wish I spent more time on the internet. I wish I spent more time at work or sleeping," it's not gonna be any of those kinds of things. It's gonna be, "I wish I spent more time with the people I love." Gary Lewandowski | TEDxNavesink

Relationships are connected to our happiness, fulfilment and prosperity in life or they can be the source of our unhappiness and negative life experiences. Positive relationships result when both participants have a positive perspective of themselves and others.


Positive relationships are the force that drives humanity forward. 

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