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Slavery has existed as far back as humanity can historically date, in all races. It still exist in America and in all corners of the globe in many different forms and to varying degrees. 


Slavery exists in the absence of unconditional love and human dignity.

Slavery is the result of group and/or individual belief systems that tell us another individual is, or group of people are less than and therefore available for our benefit.

Those belief systems do not easily go away when the repressed group is "freed". Often times, it reappears in other areas of society like government, business, and economic systems.

Humanity has come a long way in the process of eradicating slavery in all forms; but we still have a long way to go and a lot of healing to do. 

In America, the results of slavery (to varying degrees) exists inside our judicial system; in our society; in the realized and unrealized beliefs of millions of Americans; and more severely, through human trafficking. In other parts of the world people are still born into slavery.   

We can all participate in healing humanity by assessing and overriding all our negative thoughts and feelings about individuals and groups of people no matter what their race, religion, indiscretions or any other aspect that sets us apart. 

The Long-term Effects of Slavery

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