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Gratitude is incredibly powerful! It's quit possibly the single most important thing a human can do to experience true happiness in life.


Throughout history many people have taught the importance of gratitude. Confucius, The Buddha, Jesus and The Prophet Muhammad all taught about the importance of Gratitude. 

Now the science is in! Studies show that having gratitude makes us happier and healthier. To learn more check out the videos on this page.  


If you believe in karma, which basically says the energy you put out will always come back to you; Then gratitude is one of the best ways to store up positive karma.

Give gratitude to God/the Universe/yourself for everything; for the things you have and the things you do not have. Even in our pain we can have gratitude by being aware that someone has or is experiencing a worse situation. "I was complaining that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." Confucius 


The ability to have gratitude for even the most egregious of experiences is all about perspective, empathy and purpose

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