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Life is incredibly complicated and complex. It is this and it is that. It appears that life may be infinite; going on forever. New forms of life come and old ones go but life marches on. 


Humanity is making new discoveries and learning new things about how interconnected all life is at rapid speeds right now. However, new information, no matter how concrete, does not necessarily equal fact to most of society. 

For society as whole, there are only two guarantees in life, change and physical death. Everything else is subject to new information and interpretation. 

Virtually all of us are automatically conditioned to live life the way others around us do. It's part of how we were designed to learn and grow.


How then do we determine if we are doing life the way we were designed, both as individuals and as a humanity?


Some of us will question our conditioning and will look for answers in religion, social groups, or other ideologies. Fewer of us will also look within for answers. However, to truly serve our purpose as we were designed, we must look within. 

Although all human beings are 99.9% identical in their genetic makeup we are all individually, incredibly unique. And not just in our outward appearances but also inward; our personalities and how we experience life is unique to each individual. Our inward experience is our clue to discovering our purpose in life so we have to examine our thoughts and explore our curiosities.


Life is dangerous and death is almost always a split second away. No one can protect you from life better than you; so we have to be willing to take responsibility for all aspects of our own lives; anything that affects our life is our responsibility. 

If life is in fact infinite, then this human experience of life is incredibly short even if we live to be 100. Why waste it living a life that you're not happy with? 


Resources to Broaden Your Perspective of Life