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Religion is not the same as God. It is the practice by which a person follows God. 

Religion has saved many lives. But religion has also taken many lives. 


It's easy to forget that religion is man made and thus leaves room for human error. 

Since the beginning of time man kind has been using religion, some considered peaceful, to control societies and justify acts of evil and hatred. 

Religion can lead a person to connect spiritually with God or it can push them farther from God. 

There are 7 major religions that can be broken down into two categories: Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam); and Dharmic/Indic religions (HinduismJainismBuddhism and Sikhism).

All religions have some overlapping similarities, likely because new religions are born of old religions.


The belief in serving God is the most notable commonality. 

How a religious group teaches it's followers to serve God can vary broadly within a single denomination. 

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