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We can't definitively define God or prove that one exists; but billions of people now and throughout history, around the world, and those in all different age groups, have expressed their experiences with/of God. And not just through religion.

Some of the most profound spiritual experiences are accounted through meditation, psychedelic drugs, and near death experiences. 

While we can't define what God is, we can trace existence back to what existed first - Energy! We know that EVERYTHING is energy, and energy connects everything. That means everything that exists is connect to God.

In addition to religion; understanding meditationquantum physics, and psychedelic drugs have brought many people closer spiritually to God.

Learning to serve God selflessly by doing one right thing after another, is how we as individuals find true peace, happiness and fulfillment. 

Serving God is about serving others. It's about having a positive perspective  of life and of humanity and doing what you can to spread positive energy. 
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