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Good vs. Evil

There's good, there's bad, and there's evil. Good equals positive, bad equals negative and evil exists only in the human mind. 


No one is all good or all bad. We all have negative thoughts and virtually all of us will act on them from time to time; and sometimes involuntarily thanks to our subconscious. Good people do bad things. Just because someone does something bad does not make them evil.


The question then is, what is evil? Why do some people do "evil" things? The answer to why is complicated and unique to each individuals experience and perspective of life. But the answer to what, (the more important answer) is in how society judges those who do bad things.


In the animal kingdom, bad things happen. Animals cheat, rob and murder. In the wild when an animal kills another animal we do not label it evil. Instead, we attribute it to its instincts, to how God/the Universe created it. Until however, it interferes with society; then we label it so we can justify removing it and/or using it for our gain. 

We see this in societies throughout history over and over again. We demonize things we do not understand and/or can not control. 


Evil is born of judgement and punishment in the name of making the world a better place by ridding it of bad things. 


The only way we make the world a better place is through judgement free compassion and the willingness to make those around us aware of their wrong doing and then help them to learn from their mistake by teaching them how to right their wrongs.


No matter what society says, you are not your past and you are not your future. You are exactly your thoughts and actions at any given moment. Challenge yourself to go through one whole day redirecting every negative thought or action to a positive one. Do this regularly and you'll be amazed at how different life becomes. 

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