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Time is an important concept! It helps us understand and describe the progression and relationships between events. While it is a fundamental aspect of our life, it is also a human-made idea and not a physical entity that can be perceived directly. The concept of time has been developed by various cultures and civilizations throughout history and has evolved through the contributions of philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians. It is widely accepted as a fundamental aspect of our understanding of the universe, but the true nature of time remains a topic of debate and discussion in physics and philosophy. 

The time we have in life is incredibly valuable and minuet and we should spend it wisely, investing in others, and doing our best to serve our purpose; but in space and death time doesn't seem to exist. Instead, the past and the future exists now, all at once. It appears that what we perceive as time is nothing more than progression. 

Many who have died and return to life to report of the other side say they experienced a life review where they were able to see, hear and feel or rather perceive, all of their life, not just from their perspective but also from others perspective. Some even say they were able to experience their future.

Whatever time is, whether it is real or not, how we choose to spend it is very important. We should all spend out time doing our best to serve others and serve our purpose with love and compassion.  


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