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It can be argued that there is no death. That physical death is more like a shedding of skin. We know there's life after death because many people have experienced death and lived to tell about it. We know the body is just a vessel for the soul or consciousness because many people have and can experience their consciousness outside their body during their near death experience or even in other experiences like meditation or psychedelic drugs. There is even solid evidence that some souls get to live more than once. 

None the less, there is not doubt our bodies are secondary to our soul or consciousness. And while death will relieve us of our own physical pain and suffering it will not relieve us of our emotional pain and suffering. It will also not relieve us of the "evils" in the world. We can kill the body but we cannot kill the soul that will quite possibly reincarnate to learn the same lessons it didn't learn in the last life. 
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