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Intentions defines intention(s) as... 1.) an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result 2.) the end or object intended; purpose 3.) purpose or attitude toward the effect of one's actions or conduct.

Intentions matter! 


Intentions are what guide us through life. They influence our decisions. The lack of intentions is what makes us feel like life is just happening to us. And sometimes, life does just happen to us but we have choices about how we respond to what is happening. Our intentions determine our choices. 


If you set your intentions to be positive the outcome will be positive. Pain and suffering can not be avoided; but when approached with a positive perspective there is always an opportunity for learning and growth. When pain and suffering is approached with a negative perspective there is just more pain and suffering.

Setting Intentions To Change Your Life

The mind (consciousness) controls reality. Your individual mind makes ups your individual reality while also contributing to the universals reality we all experience. You can test this idea by setting your intentions to change your situations and habits in your life and putting in consistent, long-term effort to affect change.  

Set intentions:

  • to be more aware of yourself.

  • to have gratitude.

  • to have good character.

  • to be honest, be kind, and loving to yourself and others.

  • to have a positive perspective.

  • to see every good or bad situation as an opportunity for growth.

  • to take personal responsibility for everything that effects you and happens to your regardless of if it is your fault.

How you talk to yourself matters. When your mind starts a conversation that does not align with your predetermined intentions for your life you have to be the one to redirect your attention to something positive and productive. 

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Topics To Help You Master Your Good Intentions

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